specialise in a specific medical field:
e.g. internal medicine, ophthalmology, gynaecology, etc.

It is advisable to get a referral from your family doctor before visiting a specialist.  On the referral, there is an indication of the examinations the specialist should carry out.


You can visit three medical specialists of different medical fields per quarter (GKK) (Regional Health Insurance) or per month (SVA) (Social Insurance Institution) without a referral.


Examples of specialists:



  • Pregnancy
  • Physical complaints
    (e.g. menstrual bleeding, genital organs - vagina, etc.)
  • Preventative check-ups for women
  • Family planning and contraception

Recommended for


Women under 40 years 1x annually
for preventative check-up
Women over 40 years 2x annually
for preventative check-up
Women between 49 and 69 early cancer detection recommended bi-annually



  • Male medical care: genital diseases (testes, penis, prostate, endocrine glands...)
  • Diseases of the urinary organs in male and female patients (e.g. kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder)

Recommended for

Men as from 45 years 1x annually
general health precaution and Androcheck.
In cases of prostate cancer of the father or grandfather,
as from 40 years already.



  • Mother-child passport examination
  • If your child is ill
  • If you observe abnormalities in your child
  • Questions about breast feeding
  • Questions about nutrition
  • Possible allergies in your child
  • Vaccinations


  • Prevention, dental care and oral hygiene
  • Tooth misalignment
  • Dental fillings and root canal treatments
  • Dental crowns, bridges and dentures


2x annually, check-up even without complaints

Health Pilots

Salzburg’s Health Pilots
In Salzburg there are pilots for the health sector.
You can contact a pilot if you need support in your native language.
These men and women provide information and details on a voluntary basis.

Health Pilots

Frau & Arbeit gGmbH, Griesgasse 2, Stiege 3/1, 5020 Salzburg

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