Compulsory insurance, co-insured,
or self-insured

KV Health insurance
UV Accident Insurance
PV Retirement insurance

Your insurance depends on the nature of your work.

Mehmet Mahmoud                         Irina Narimi                            Herbert Müller


Mehmet Mahmoud                                                                                                                                                                  

Independent parcel delivery service                                                                                                                                           

SVA= Social Insurance institution KV, PV                                                                                                                                   

AUVA= General accident insurance fund UV                               


Irina Narimi

Hotel Receptionist

SGKK=Salzburg Regional Health Scheme KV, PV

AUVA= General accident insurance fund UV

PVA=Pension insurance institution PV


Herbert Müller

Municipal refuse collection services

KFA=Sickness Insurance scheme KV

AUVA=General accident insurance fund UV

PVA=Pension Insurance Institution PV

Compulsory insurance
KV + UV + PV

  • Anyone who is self-employed and earns more than the marginal income threshold, must have insurance.
  • Your employer must register you with the insurance company. The contribution depends on the income.
  • People, who are self-employed must register for compulsory insurance.


  • Persons living in Austria
  • Persons who have compulsory insurance, may, under certain circumstances, co-insure family members, if they do not have an own income or are currently attending educational institutions.
  • It is your responsibility to register your family members for co-insurance at the health insurance company.

KV + UV + PV

  • Persons living in Austria
  • Persons who do not have compulsory insurance
  • Persons who are marginally employed (not obliged to insurance)
  • Persons studying in Austria
  • Persons taking care of a disabled child
  • Persons taking care of relatives

can take out an insurance at the SGKK (Salzburg Regional Health Insurance Scheme) themselves, subject to certain requirements.

The monthly contributions for 2017 are between € 56.74 and € 406.88. Requirements are checked individually


  Applications forms are available here.


Health Pilots

Salzburg’s Health Pilots
In Salzburg there are pilots for the health sector.
You can contact a pilot if you need support in your native language.
These men and women provide information and details on a voluntary basis.

Health Pilots

Frau & Arbeit gGmbH, Griesgasse 2, Stiege 3/1, 5020 Salzburg

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